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Postal Solutions is Where High Tech and Old-fashioned
Personalized Service Merge

Real Deals - Copley Los Angeles Newspapers - March 2006 article

The classy, high-tech, and blissfully spacious new home of Postal Solutions is exactly how you'd picture "the mail and parcel center of the future", as Arnie describes it.

After 25 years, this local company moved from its old digs a block and a half up the street. The new store is efficient, stylish, and roomy, with computer screens where customers can view shipping and mailing options at the touch of a finger. There's plenty of counter space for the myriad items people bring to be packed and shipped. There are comfortable areas where those needing a notary can do business quickly - since Postal Solutions employs six notaries, there's always at least one on the premises.

Yet, for all it's high-tech looks and services, Postal Solutions is old-fashioned at heart. Its long-time employees get the wages of professionals, not grunts. They have to be professional because each day brings a new challenge - like the recent job of packing an antique bison horn chair and shipping it to a museum in Nebraska. Postal Solutions not only sells packaging materials and moving supplies, and provides custome packing, crating, and freight, but locals have come to trust it so well they hire it to pack and ship fragile items and indeed, whole households.

"We're like the old neighborhood grocery store or small bank, where you used to go in and see the same people every time," says Arnie. "We and the customers get to know each other,"

There's lots of easy parking at Postal Solutions new location, 4733 Torrance Boulevard in Torrance. For information , call (310) 371-7184.


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